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Our brand offer premium quality top of the line beauty products.

Our mission is to give our clients the best experience when making a purchase of our so valuable products not for their worth money wise, but their real quality, time and effort that was put ever since we started this so loved jorney 9 years ago, we want to thank you in advance for your sincere interes in our business which we call it "Gods project".  In the future we want to do humanity service because we believe that there is much love to give but there is much help to do as well so with your help we are commited to be able to achieve so important action. 

I love bellizzima shapewear, I wear it every day, all day.

Milena Rubiera
Happy customer

Yomaira guzman

Cosmetologist/ enterprenuers

Bellizzima is a family business, stablished in 2011 by two young sisters with a clear vision of their dream of becoming leaders in the beauty industry by offering other ladies a complete and reliable hair care service as well as premium quality beauty products as if it was for themselfs, such desire pushed them to become U.S licensed cosmetologist from one of the most previlege beauty school, after years of hard work, consistency, reasearh and experience in the field Naturale extensions by Bellizzima was born in Jan. 2018 taking them to the next level, 6 months later they launched their lipstick collection Dazzling by Bellizzima.  God willing much more to come.

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